Grâce Pégéron is my pen name. I chose it many years ago for other works, stopped using it, and came back to it recently.

As I was going for a walk earlier today, wondering what I could share on my About page, it once again came to my mind that as a child I wanted to be a painter. A painter. A painter. Resolutely. There was nothing else for me.

And then I had the feeling that I wasn't good enough; I had teachers whose teaching I couldn't appreciate. I felt like they didn't understand what I was asking for, what I needed to feel fulfillment.

With time, I let myself be carried away by other arts. All appeal to me. Painting became an art like any other. It lost its “career” taste.

However, I have always felt nostalgic about it.

I also wondered why I had that calling as a child.

Then, along the path of life, drawing and painting came back to me. I was painting for myself. I had made some discoveries that I thought would interest only me. But I was forced to notice that other eyes, other hearts were welcoming my drawings and my paintings with great enthusiasm, and their interest was exceeding what I could have
imagined as a child.

I had to stop judging my works in terms of “beautiful” or “ugly” and accept that they were conveying feelings.

It is always difficult to find a definition for art that suits everyone. Yet if one raises the fact that art carries emotions, then an agreement is reached!

It is life and its tribulations that in the end brought me here, with my art.
I am finally swimming with the current, ready for all the next evolutions.
So, I give it to you!
Let yourself be moved, let yourself feel, enjoy, ...and buy!

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